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The New DeathNote Icon Contest
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**The following rules are adapted from furuba_awards, as they've covered the general idea better than I could on my own.

This is a Deathnote related icon challenge. Deathnote is an incredible manga series created by Obata Takeshi & Ooba Tsugumi.

Each week, a selected theme will be given. Members will submit icons related to this theme, and icons will be voted on. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Mod's Choice place winners will receive banners at the end of the week. 1st place winners will have their icon used as the community icon for that week.

1. Each member may submit only one icon per theme
2. All icons must be related to Death Note
3. Submitted icons must be compatible with Livejournal. [100x100 and 40kb]
4. Don't advertise your icon (tell your friends to vote for your icon or let others use it before the contest is over) If I see it around Livejournal before the voting period ends, you will be disqualified!)
5. Do not steal others icons and claim them as your own.
6. Don't criticize others icons!
7. Submitted icons must be no more than 7 days old.
8. You may NOT vote for you own icon- IP addresses will be checked!
9. Fanart is not allowed UNLESS it is your own!
[edit** for the sake of easiness, we're just going to not allow fanart at all]

On Sunday (following the voting results), one of the Mods will give you a theme. Icons related to the theme will be submitted from Monday to Friday [6pm deadline]. Comments to the submission post will be screened.
The submission format is as follows:

(and make sure the URLS work, please!)

Voting will take place from Friday to Sunday. Members of the community will comment on the "voting" post (comments will be screened), saying which icon they like the best. The icons will be numbered, so you merely have to state the number(s) of the icon(s) you like.

Please note the number of icons specified to vote for in each post. The number is likely to change depending on how many icons are submitted to that particular week. If you do not vote for the correct number of icons, I will leave a comment on your vote asking you to revote for the correct number of icons. If you do not revote by Sunday night when I calculate the votes, your vote will be disregarded.

Results will be posted on Sunday, along with the new theme.


[Week 01] [Telephone Calls]: 16ton_weight
[Week 02] [Disorders]: raingarden
[Week 03] [Mello]: 16ton_weight
[Week 04] [Friendship]: tomato
[Week 05] [Death]: fatesong
[Week 06] [Aber/Weddie]:tomato
[Week 07] [Disguise]:dragonwire
[Week 08] [Trick or Treat]:fatesong
[Week 09] [One Color]:minrathous
[Week 10] [Victory]:miyavist

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